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In order to meet the numerous requests received from all our customers, and to remain faithful to our policy of continuous innovation, we have implemented the management of wish lists. They are the ideal solution for the arrival of a new baby, his baptism, his first birthday and more.

Creating and managing a wish list is quick and simple:
By entering your account (you need sign up), click on the link "Create your wish list", then name your list (for example "Smith List"), specify the deadline and if it's a binding list or not.
Once you have pressed the "Create" button, your wish list will be created. Browse our online store, you'll be able to see that a button has been placed next to each item. Once you've found what you're looking for simply select "Add to wish list".
Come back to your account and you'll find your identification code (for example LN_2007072812174100XX), send it to your family and friends, so they can easily access your list at their convenience.
At any time, by clicking on your list, you can check what has been purchased, from who, and the messages of congratulations. allows two options for the creation of a whish list: binding and normal.

Choosing a binding list we will set aside immediately what you have chosen, or we soon order it if not available. We can gather the articles selected in a short time, in general at the closing of the list. You need to pay an advance equal to 30% of the total amount of your list, and in case of articles unsold you are bound to buy them. It's not possible to replace articles but you can add new ones at any time.

Creating a normal list it is not necessary any advance payment, and in the event of articles unsold you are not bound to purchase them. In this case we won't set aside the articles, but we will order them (if not already available) at the closing of the list. You can replace articles and you can add new ones whenever you want. In general the delivery time is 40-45 working days from the date of closing of the list. Delivery fees are supposed to be charged on the wish list holed and they will be calculated at the closing of the list according to weight and volume of the items ordered.

Accessing a wish list is quick and simple:
By signing up to NBL club, you can enter your account, here you will find a Session "Wish Lists", insert the code received and then press "Go" button, you'll see the list of your interest. Next to each article will appear the "Add" button, select the items that you prefer and then go to the shopping basket. Specify if you want to send your gift directly to the holder of the list or at your home.
Then push the "Checkout" button and enter in the appropriate field a message of congratulations, at last press the button "Send order".
It is important to know that it is not possible, when buying items from a list, to buy articles for personal purposes. You should make two different orders.