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Swing Graco Sweetpeace

Article code: N11575

EAN code:  5021645844649

Brand:  Graco

The Swing Graco Sweetpeace is a sweet way to embrace your baby.
It has been designed thanks to a scientific research carried out with the help of mums; its swinging movement lets your baby develop his/her multisensorial skills.
The backrest is adjustable in 3 different positions and 6 speeds.
Sweetpeace can let your baby relax by reproducing low-frequency sounds, similar to water and heart sounds. You can also find relaxing melodies and sweet songs.
Sweetpeace relaxes through the touch and by emulating the confort inside the utherus; the cover embraces your baby and the 2-speed vibration is like a massage for your baby back.
Sweetpeace can be used as a deck chair and the framework is suitable for all car seats Graco 0-13 kg (Group 0+), so that your baby can continue relaxing or sleeping from your car to the living room.


- relaxes and swings your baby safely.
- reproduces the natural movement of the parents when they swing they baby.
- developed thanks to a sophisticated scientific research and designed properly for your baby's ultrasensorial movements.
- relaxes through senses.
- seat positions emulating the way you keep your baby in your arms.
- relaxing movements that create 4 different relaxing sensations.
- 3 adjustable positions for the best confort.
- 6 different speeds.
- it can be used as a practical deck chair.
- 2 vibration speeds for a very soft massage.
- extra-confortable cover.
- 5-locks belt to keep your baby in a safe and correct position.
- adjustable top cover.
- special mirrors that help your baby focus on his/her image.
- neutral and relaxing colours.
- 5 batteries “ D “.
- framework suitable for all car seat Graco 0-13 kg ( Group 0+ ).
- suitable from 2,5 to 11 Kg.
- dimensions: cm 92 h x 86 l x 76 p.
- weight: 12 Kg.