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Stroller Graco Stadium Duo
The Stroller Graco Stadium Duo is what mum and dad have always wished for their twins or almost-of-the-same-age babies.
Easy to handle, this stroller can pass through small doors and can be used since your baby's birth up to 3 years of age, for a maximum weight of 15 kg.
The Stroller Graco Stadium Duo can be folded making a simple and rapid hand movement, even if one of your babies is on your arms.


- safety and confort thanks to the strong high quality frame
- 2 safety belts (5-point belts)
- tray protecting your baby, to be used also as playing tray
- the backrest of the back seat can be reclined in 4 positions
- the backrest of the front seat can be reclined in 2 positions
- raised back seat
- very soft seats
- two canopies made of anti-UVA fabric
- single driving-handle for an easier freedom of movement
- easy to put in the car boot
- basket object-holder
- dimensions open: 113 x 60 x 100h cm
- dimensions closed: 66 x 57 x 109h cm
- weight: 15 kg


- 2 leg covers


- leg cover Cocoon
- sport bag
- parasol
- all-season seat
- rain cover