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 Discover a new buying experience, nice and easy
 Our online Store has been conceived in order to
 improve web searching and purchasing,
 made easy and intuitive.

Each aspect and function aim to meet, as better as possible, customers needs and provide easy, efficient and immediate web searching.
Customers can browse the e-catalogue, search items and get information quickly even if they are new users.
If you already know which product to buy, you can do it in a few seconds by following some simple steps.

     Smart search bar
  If you are looking for a specific item, the search bar at the top of our home page can help you find the right item quickly.
As you start typing the product name in the search box, a list of suggested items appears.
You have a 99% chance of finding the product you need in a few seconds.
     Browse our product categories thanks to the intuitive menu
  If you wish to browse our e-catalogue by category you can do it simply by using the fly-out menu on the left.
As you mouse over the main categories, the subcategories appear. Going through the hierarchies helps you narrow down your search.
     Too many options to choose from? Refine your search
  Click a main or sub category, an advanced filter will be displayed at center top of the page.
Advance filter allows you to keep on refining your search results by selecting a further subcategory or brand.
You can even customize your search results display by selecting the grid/list view, the number of items per page and the sort order in search (best sellers, price, availability, description, brand).
     Each product detail page contains description and detailed photos
  When you access a product detail page, you can get all the information you need in order to choose the appropriate product for you.
You can also select your favourite colour, share the product with your friends, ask for notification when the price is going down, view detailed photos and video if available.

     If you like it, add it to Shopping Basket
  Once you have found the product you were looking for, you just need to add it to Shopping Basket, then you have the opportunity either to continue shopping or to submit your order. You can access the contents of your basket at any time by clicking the icon at the top of every page of our website.
Once there, you can view all the products added and choose delivery and payment methods.
If you have a gift or purchase voucher please enter it in the appropriate field.
You can also check your total amount before proceeding to the next step.
     Enter your details and submit order
  In the next step you are required to enter your details, if you wish you may specify a different delivery address. Please check the accuracy of all the information you provided before submitting the order.
In the checkout page you can pay online by credit card or paypal.
An email with your order summary will be sent to your email account.