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Multifunction Food Processor Brevi

Article code: N9291

EAN code:  8011250353008

Brand:  Brevi

The Multifunction Food Processor Brevi carries out more functions, even at the same time thanks to the 2 separeted units, one to mince and to homogenize, the other to thaw out, to warm up and to cook your baby's food.
its use is easy and intuitive; its cleaning is fast thanks to the particulat steam boiler.
Preparing food is important for your child's growth and the Brevi Cuocipappa helps you in doing it better and in the highest hygiene cause food is directly cooked in the cooker-boiler, in direct contact with steam.
Moreover bear in mind that your dishes will take a short time to prepare.


- IMQ certificated
- food cooker and processor are diveded into 2 signe units
- steam cooking to keep unchanged the nutritive value of food
- protection against over-heating
- it automatically turns off when the cooking cycle is over
- boiler OFF/ON light
- provided with cooking bowl, collector for gathering the cooking liquid, container for heating the food jars, jar for preserving processed food, teaspoon, Brevi recipe book
- supply: 230V - 50 Hz
- power: 255 W
- capacity: 125 ml