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Mixer Babymoov Multi-function Nutribaby

Article code: N118001

EAN code:  3661276007048

Brand:  Babymoov

The Mixer Babymoov Multi-function Nutribaby is the first mixer allowing you to prepare so many delicious meals for your baby.
You can use it from birth and many functions are included: this special mixer steams, blends, sterilises, warms and defrosts.
It guarantees an automatic stop and helps you prepare meals for twins very fast.


- two different capacities: 900 ml for cooking, 500 ml for liquidizing
- all the different functions can be selected easily thanks to LCD display
- just calculate the water level in the tank to set cooking time
- automatic stop
- visual and audio alarm
- steam cooking
- different baskets to separate ingredients
- cooking jar and liquidize jar are separated
- a special container lets you collect cook juice and preserve vitamins and other nutritional values
- juice can be drained in the mixer.
- food processor makes soups, purees and other delicious meals
- heats up bottles and jars (up to 3 bottles)
- defrosts pre-cooked meals
- power: 230v / 400w while mixing; 230V / 500W while cooking
- dimensions: 39 x 29 x 20 cm