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Food Processor Suavinex Link

Article code: N119524

EAN code:  8426420013147

Brand:  Suavinex

The Food Processor Suavinex Link steams, blends, sterilises, vacuum packages, defrosts and heats.
All you need to feed your baby throughout the different stages of growth! Save energy and work!
The Suavinex food process steams food in just 13 minutes and can blend 1 or 2 portions (600 grams).
It can sterilise up to three bottles or containers and defrosts and heats food evenly.
Its innovative, practical functions include vacuum packaging food. You can prepare home-made food and vacuum package portions of up to 300 grams.
Your baby will be able to eat home-made food without the risk of it losing its nutritional properties.
As well as the various different functions, you'll love its stylish black and white design.
The only with 6 functions for your baby growth.
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