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Car Seat Brevi Axo
The Car Seat Brevi Axo is provided with a special innovation system for shock absorbing thanks to is hydraulic system decreasing release force more than 30%.
The pattern used is called AIR FEEL, a honeycombing technology for a better transpiration.
Antibacterial and high quality pattern (original pattern).


- group 1, from9 up to 18 kg
- decrease in the release force up to -18g
- shock absorbing with hydraulic system
- reinforced side protections, on both the head and the body
- simultaneous headrest and safety belts adjustment in 6 different positions (by a button on the back)
- 4 inclinations of the backrest until sleep position
- reinforced side protection with air holes for a correct ventilation on the back
- back curvilinear frame to protect car seats
- low barycentre for a better stability of the car seat and safety of your baby
- belt blocking system with tensor
- padded headrest
- transpirant fabric 'air feel'
- dimensions: 41,5 x 55 x 71 cm
- weight: 10 kg