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Breast Pump Avent VIA

Article code: 8689

EAN code:  8710103486763

Brand:  Avent

The Manual Breast Pump Philips AVENT VIA assures you enhanced efficiency, being clinically proven to express more milk than a hospital electric pump.
Il Manual Breast Pump Philips Avent VIA permits a safe and confortable suction; while pumping milk, the soft petal-shaped cushions rub your breast.
The result is more milk pumped in a more natural way than other breat pumps and you can pump it in the pre-sterilised small glasses VIA.
The small glasses VIA are resistant and stackable, perfect solution to store mother milk in fridge or freezer.
The small glasses VIA can be used four times only.
Sterilise before use.
Lids and adaptators can be used more than once.
Contains: Breast Pump (with rubbing cushion and central core lid), 5 small glasses VIA in sterilised boxes (180 ml), 5 lids VIA, 2 breast-feeding adaptators, 2 sylicon teats Prime Poppate, 2 travel set teats, spare parts.