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Bottle Chicco Step Up 1 150ml

Article code: 25797

EAN code:  8003670669241

Brand:  Chicco

The Bottle Chicco Step Up is an innovative feeding bottle that complies with your baby needs.
The feeding bottle Step Up follows your baby in his growth, since birth up to weaning time.


- silicon anti-colic teat
- different shape for each step
- really close to mother's nipple

Bottle Step Up 1 150 ml :
- since birth
- regular flow
- inclined teat

Bottle Step Up 2 250ml:
- since 2m+
- adjustable flow
- extra-large teat

Bottle Step Up 3 330 ml:
- since 6m+
- food flow
- longer teat for a better sucking motion
- rings on the base to make it extra supple